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 KONG Babbler Ball Dog Toy

The KONG Babbler Dog Toy features a unique noise maker that creates motion-detected babbling noises to keep your pet interested in the toy. But the noise-making fun doesn’t stop at babbling: Whenever you squeeze the toy, it squeaks in delight to capture your pet’s interest and engage them in activity. You can toss or roll the ball outdoors or let your pet enjoy it indoors as well. The durable exterior supports your dog’s tough chewing and biting as they play with the ball.


 Product Features

  • Unique and interactive ball dog toy that features various entertaining elements
  • Creates babbling sounds when rolling to entice pet to follow the ball and play
  • Squeaks when squeezed to capture your pet’s interest
  • Tough exterior that withstands moderate tough chewing/biting
  • Green core with grooves for easy gripping
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use


 Package Includes 

  • KONG Babbler Ball Dog Toy  x 1 


Brand KONG

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