Pidan Studio Raised Cat Food Bowl with Stand

Elevated Pet Bowls Perfect for Cats and Small Dogs

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 Pidan Studio Raised Cat Food Bowl with Stand

Pidan Studio Raised Cat Food Bowl with Stand, an innovative cat bowl is scientifically designed to help make eating better for your cat. You can also improve your cat’s digestion with a raised feeder. When using traditional feeding bowls or low feeders, many cats lie on their stomach to reach the bowls, which can cause digestive issues such as bloating and acid reflux. Elevated feeding bowls force your cat to sit upright while eating, giving their stomach plenty of room to digest the food properly. For elderly or injured pets, they may have trouble reaching their food or water, and raised pet bowls make it easier for them to eat and drink. These types of cat food bowls also help keep a clean feeding station.

With the Pidan Raised Cat Bowl, you can combat common feeding issues that your cat may experience. This set includes a durable, transparent bowl that sits on a sturdy, tilted white base to keep the bowl raised and easy to eat or drink out of. The feeding bowl features large oblique rims to prevent food from dropping on the floor and has a bottom base that secures to the stand. You can adjust the height of the sloping base to suit your cat’s needs. The base has anti-slip grips on the bottom to keep it in place and prevent slippage. You can fit up to 70g of cat food or 250mL of water in this bowl.


 Product Features

  • High-quality elevated/raised cat feeding bowl with stand
  • Scientifically designed for better feeding to help improve digestion, put less stress on your cat’s joints while eating/drinking, and reduce food mess
  • Features a transparent bowl with large oblique rims to prevent food from falling out of the bowl and keep a clean eating station
  • Sloping base that adjusts 77mm-90mm to suit your cat’s height for easier feeding
  • Durable, break-resistant bowl stand for long-lasting use and sturdiness
  • Clear polycarbonate bowl secures to the base to keep it in place
  • Non-slip grips on bottom of bowl stand for security
  • Holds up to 70g of cat food and 250mL of water
  • Great for flat-faced cats to use


 Product Specifications 

  • Colour: Transparent Bowl, White Base
  • Capacity: 70g of food or 250mL water
  • Dimensions: 13.3cm x 15.7cm x 14cm
  • Material:  clear polycarbonate bowl, Non-Toxic Polycarbonate Stand


 Product Content 

  • Pidan Studio Raised Cat Food Bowl with Stand x 1



Barcode # 600171792850
Brand Pidan
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