Vetafarm Origins Mini Bale Fescue Hay 1kg

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Vetafarm Origins Mini Bale Fescue Hay 1kg

This Fescue hay is cultivated on Vetafarms' dedicated farm in the Riverina area of New South Wales, Australia, and is manually chosen each season for quality, fibre content, and aromatics. The hay is then baled into Mini Bales, making feeding easier and less messy.

Rabbits and guinea pigs' digestive systems have evolved to a fiber-rich herbivorous diet.
High-quality indigestible fibre aids in the passage of food through the digestive tract. A lack of fibre can delay the digestive process, resulting in GI stasis. Furthermore, both guinea pigs and rabbits have constantly developing teeth. Eating hay helps grind down their teeth, reducing overgrowth and illness.


Key Features

  • Optimum Nutrition - High-fibre hay for optimum small animal nutrition.
  • Dental and Digestion - Roughage that supports dental and digestive health.
  • Australian Made - Made with fresh, hand-selected local Australian produce.


Barcode # 9317657206268

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